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While an artiste like 2Baba has enjoyed longevity and relevance in the Nigerian music industry with multiple hits, some other artistes are not made of the same caliber. We had seen many artistes pop up and fizzle out in no time. Interestingly, these artistes won our hearts with very viral and popular songs, but sadly, they couldn’t hold our attention for very long as they faded away without new hits to maintain their fame. They lost the hit making magic.

Some artistes vanished as soon as their songs burned out; others tried very hard to pull a huge comeback and unfortunately couldn’t create another “major hit”. Thus, they are summarized as one hit wonders.

This piece is put together for all those Nigerian artistes who blew with a major hit song and diffused into thin air. Take a peek; do you remember any of these artistes and the songs that rode them to stardom?


Original Stereoman – E Dey Pain Me Gaga


Sunday Osakuni aka Stereoman came into national prominence with a major hit “E dey pain me gaga”. Since dropping the song and another follow up “Sample Ekwe” the Edo state born signer has since vanished from our radars.

Djinee – Ego


Former Soundcity VJ, Djinee, stole our heart win his R&B song Ego. It was that popular my seniors used to sing it in the bathroom during shower time.


W4 – Control

“Wa gba control”, the phraseology was quite popular when the W4 hit Control was ruling the airwaves. The song had very long chants of “Every time”.


Waconzy – I celebrate

What even happened to this dude Waconzy? His career is as big as his popular song “I celebrate”. Every other music that followed was a misfire.


Mad melon & Mountain black – Danfo driver

Danfo drivers are still very popular but they duo who crooned the song “Danfo Driver” are shielded in oblivion.


Kelly Hansome – Maga don pay

After hitting us with this mega jam “Maga don Pay”, Kelly Handsome resorted to “beefing” industry colleagues to stay popular. However that has also faded now.


Weird MC – Ijoya


Really weird, Werid MC (Adesola Idowu) after the reign of her pop jam “Iyoja” ended, she fell into obscurity.


Bigiano – shayo

I no go fit invite una come my party/ make una no shayo’ sounds familiar huh? That song was about the biggest party jam in Naija at the time. So where the heck is Bigiano?


K9 – Kokoma

“And it’s your boy K9ineeee” the former Trybes Records artiste hit us hit the Kokoma freestyle in 2012 and nice dance moves in the accompanying video. K9 is yet to take over the scene like he sang.


Deebee – Collabo

Another big party jam back then. What happened to Deebee? – Pass Me Your  Love 

Pass me your love had Terry G on it and it was a big song in 2009.


Jodie – Oh Baby (kuchi kuchi)


Once upon a time Jodie and her Afro R&B tune oh baby ruled our playlist. Then she lost her luster…


Sky B – Am Calling (My bebe)


It’s almost a decade, and I can vividly remember my secondary school classmates singing this song damn! Who knows where Sky B is? He is nowhere in oblivion.


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